Product Features

  • 7-Piece Streamline Spatula Set
  • Comfortable Curved Handle
  • Precision ground for optimum flexibility for perfectly finished joints
  • Rounded tips for standard applications, yet easy to modify for unique applications
  • No plastic components means easy solvent clean-up

1/10 Gallon B-Line Manual Cartridge Gun w/ High Thrust 26:1 Drive

Single component 10 oz. cartridge guns  

Single component 20 oz. sausage guns  

  • 1/10th Gallon Smooth Rod Cartridge Gun with high-thrust 26:1 ratio drive.  Especially designed for comfortable, efficient dispensing of thicker materials (cold weather) and 2-part adhesives packaged in Universal or Peeler-style cartridges with static mixers.

  • Barrel rotates for efficient application.

7 pc - Spatula ring  

51001 - Avon 600

Sausage, 20 oz. Sausage, Bulk


  • 10 oz. / 20 oz. Sausage, 10.3 oz. Cartridge and Bulk Application
  • Pre-Configured for Sausage Application
  • Plungers Included for Cartridge and Bulk (G2) Applications
  • Mechanical Advantage 12:1
  • Switchable Flow Control
  • Plunger Extension - Reduces Waste
  • Wear Compensating Device
  • Drawn Aluminum Barrel
  • Interchangeable Pull Handle
  • Quick Release End Cap
  • All Component Replaceable Parts
  • Includes Six Yellow Cone Nozzles, Ladder Hook and Spanner Wrench
  • Available with Clear Plastic Barrel - Model 51001-C
  • Available with Hook Rod - Model 51001-H
  • Available with Clear Plastic Barrel and Hook Rod - Model 51001-CH
  • Available with 18:1 Mechanical Advantage - All Variants (add XT to end of model number)
  • Available in 1000 ml. Capacity- Model 51001-1000
  • Available Without Switchable Flow Control

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